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30 rock challenge

30 rock Challenge list 30 Rock Challenge List

Day 01: A scene or episode that got you hooked
Day 02: Favorite character
Day 03: Least favorite character
Day 04: Favorite episode
Day 05: Least favorite episode
Day 06: Favorite Liz moment
Day 07: Favorite Jack moment
Day 08: Favorite Tracy moment
Day 09: Favorite Jenna moment
Day 10: Favorite Kenneth moment
Day 11: Favorite quote
Day 12: A quote you use on a regular basis
Day 13: A quote/scene/moment that’s most relevant to you
Day 14: A scene/moment that made you happy
Day 15: A scene/moment that made you sad
Day 16: A scene/moment that made you angry
Day 17: Favorite musical number (Cleveland, Muffin Top, etc…)
Day 18: Favorite relationship between any two characters
Day 19: Favorite Liz love interest
Day 20: Favorite Jack love interest
Day 21: Favorite recurring character (Devon Banks, Dr. Spaceman, etc…)
Day 22: Favorite scene/moment of a recurring character
Day 23: Favorite guest star who’s only appeared once
Day 23: Favorite guest star who appeared as himself/herself
Day 24: A Tracy Jordan movie you would like to see
Day 25: Favorite Frank trucker hat slogan
Day 26: Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 27: Your favorite season so far
Day 28: Favorite screencap
Day 29: Favorite GIF
Day 30: Favorite cast photo

Boys and Hollywood.